About My PDA Courses For Acupuncturists

Note:  These courses assume that you have easy access to a computer.  If this is not the case, some accommodations can be made where it is legal to do so.

Daniel Cobb  DOM

Camino Largo

Santa Fe,  NM  87507

Welcome to my collection of NCCAOM-approved PDA courses.   For each course, I will give you a very brief summary of what the course is about along with a button.  I will also indicate the cost (in USD) and the number of PDA credits you can earn by passing the course.  Some states, such as CA and FL require addition certification beyond being NCCAOM-approved.  I have not yet done any of these special states, and I will indicate this next to the course if I do get such an approval.

Clicking on the button will bring up a WORD document or a PDF file of written course materials.  This will include a worksheet and a set of instructions.  You can download this file to your computer and print/read as needed.  This file will allow you to determine if you want to take the course.

If you decide to take the course, and have absorbed the written material sufficiently, you can follow through by doing the exercises required by the worksheet.  When the worksheet is finished, e-mail me the worksheet at danielcobb2@yahoo.com.

If  your worksheet indicates that you have understood the course sufficiently,  I will notify you that you are now cleared to take the test.  It would then be time to pay for the course.  You can pay for the course using PayPal (you need my e-mail address which is danielcobb2@yahoo.com) or you can send me a check/money order (this will take longer, of course).    If you send a check, you can send it to:

Daniel Cobb  DOM

41 Camino Largo

Santa Fe,  NM  87507

When I see that you  have paid for the course, I will send you the test.  Take the test and send it back.  If you get a 70% or better, I will send you the required documentation for your PDA points.   Anyone who does not pass the test will get one more chance to pass the test with no additional charge.


Contact Information:
Daniel Cobb  DOM
NCCAOM Provider Number:  171702